Photo Courtesy of Flickr
Floods in Urban Environments. Photo Courtesy of Flickr

The purpose of this project is analyze the impact of flooding in New Orleans in 2005 and the floods of South India in 2015. Although these events have taken place in different nations, the cause of such events is a combination of both natural forces and poor infrastructure and planning. With climate change resulting in warmer temperatures and a rise in sea levels, a number of scientists are confident that there will be an increase in precipitation.[3] Therefore, an rise in floods globally can be expected as well. The purpose of this blog is to investigate flood responses in New Orleans and Chennai, analyze failures of previous relief efforts, and address the issues that are common to flooding. Although the occurrence of natural disasters is inevitable, the effects of such flooding events can be minimized with proper planning and execution. Ultimately, these flooding events serve to illuminate the importance of clean water, provide evidence for failures in the past to address issues with water infrastructure, and government relief, and the role of media in facilitating relief efforts and promoting changes in federal response.