Hurricane Katrina

Photo Courtesy of Flickr
New Orleans Post-Hurricane Katrina. Photo Courtesy of Flickr

On August 23, 2005, southern Mississippi and Louisiana were hit with what would go down in history as “one of the deadliest hurricanes” in the United States. [19] Although the storm was initially classified as a Category 1 tropical storm, it soon progressed into a Category 5, over the course of the week, killing nearly 2000 individuals and causing a major financial loss with $108 billion in damages.[19] In the midst of the chaos, a major levee failure in Louisiana caused a major flooding in the city of New Orleans. The community was destroyed as this floodwater mixed in with the debris from the streets and made its way into homes. Although the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) responded with relief efforts following the natural disaster, the event itself was a major awakening for the government to improve its current infrastructure and response strategies.